T2 Communications, Inc. - Photography
T2 Communications, Inc. - Professional Video Production & Industrial Photography
T2 Communication's industrial photographic services are top notch.
T2 will leverage over 30 years of real-world, practical hands-on experience and know-how to your benefit.
T2 will adeptly and creatively apply this experience to digitally photograph any of your company's processes, products or people. This includes everything from visually documenting advanced scientific processes, to product documentaion, to V.I.P. protraiture, to rocket and jet engine products and testing, to aerial photography, and anything in between - all of which suitable for public relations and marketing purposes.
When it comes to Professional Industrial Photography, T2 has the tools, technique and talent to turn you vision into reality.
Here are some samples of T2's Industrial Photography work.
GDE-1 at sunsetGASL VIP'sCECE Engine Test
GFC CEOOlive Branch pretty picPayne Creek Power Generation Plant
SunsetRL60 pretty picRL10 pretty pic
late afternoonStuart CardiologyVacuum Compression Chamber
Tom DavisWelderGDE-1
GDE-1PTE pretty pictureBassett Boats
Boeing 707GFC WorkersEngine on Boeing 707
AdlerGFC WorkerGDE-2 Test
GDE-1GDE-1GFC worker
GFC workerGFC ConstructionPane Creek
Payne CreekPayne CreekNASA/LaRC
IronworkerWorker on liftWorkers on building roof
Worker on roof
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